Mail Services

Receiving Mail

To receive mail at Brown, a complete mailing address should be used. Some components of your address will help the U.S. Post Office get your mail to Brown, while other segments will aid Brown's sorting process in the mailroom.

The mailroom refers to both department names and box numbers when sorting mail. Therefore, the use of a complete address is recommended.

Recipient's Name

Brown University
Box No.
Providence, RI 02912-[box no.]

(Bold = campus address)

The University zip code 02912 belongs exclusively to Brown University and should not be used with an off-campus address. Members of the University community who reside near the campus should consult with the local post office on Meeting Street to obtain their residential zip code.

The U.S. Postal Service has implemented an automated mail processing program called "ZIP+4." This program gives the post office the ability to sort mail through computerized equipment by reading a zip code extended by four digits. The U.S. Postal Service has designated University mailbox numbers as the four-digit extension to Brown's zip code.

The departments assigned a mailbox designated with a letter should refer to this chart for the four-digit add-on.

Box A 02912-9101 Box N 02912-9114
Box B 02912-9102 Box O 02912-9115
Box C 02912-9103 Box P 02912-9116
Box D 02912-9104 Box Q 02912-9117
Box E 02912-9105 Box R 02912-9118
Box F 02912-9106 Box S 02912-9119
Box G 02912-9107 Box T 02912-9120
Box H 02912-9108 Box U 02912-9121
Box I 02912-9109 Box V 02912-9122
Box J 02912-9110 Box W 02912-9123
Box K 02912-9111 Box X 02912-9124
Box L 02912-9112 Box Y 02912-9125
Box M 02912-9113 Box Z 02912-9126

Mail received at the University which is insufficiently addressed for sorting will be processed through directory service. The directory service process requires a clerk to manually check University directories to determine the correct box number. This process is costly to operations and delays mail delivery. Mail not identified through this process is returned to sender stamped, "Not At Brown."

The U.S. Postal Service requires a signature to release accountable mail (Registered, Certified, Insured, Express). Window Clerks, acting as agents, sign for all incoming accountable mail for the University. In turn, a signature is required, with a University ID, before the mail is released to the addressee or department. A "Notice of Accountable Mail" which lists the instructions for picking up the mail will be placed in the addressee's mailbox. A department representative can act as an agent to sign for all departmental accountable mail.

Departments are responsible to sign for and collect accountable mail for all staff members and graduate students who are no longer at the University. If the mail piece is to be forwarded or returned to sender, the department is responsible for all required postage charges.

Departments are responsible for forwarding mail. The forwarding address should be listed on the envelope such that it does not cover the original addressee's name. Above the forwarding address write, "Please Forward," and draw a vertical line through the original address.

Note: When forwarding accountable mail, consult the mailroom at ext. 3-2900 for proper procedures.