Mail Services

For Students

Information and policies for sending and receiving mail for Brown University undergraduate, graduate and medical students.

Campus Mail

Campus Mail is correspondence circulated within the University mail system without postage. Campus mail is used to conduct daily business with specific individuals/departments or to reach a general University population to distribute information on University policies or events. All members of the University community have campus mail privileges, although there are some restrictions and requirements.

Student to student mail requires the recipient's name and mailbox number. If envelopes are used, a return address of name and mailbox number are also required.

Student to department mail requires an envelope with both recipient's address information, including name, department name and mailbox number, as well as return address of name and mailbox number.

If mailing ten or more pieces, mail should be put in mailbox order and secured with a rubber band.

Correct Address Format

To receive letters/packages in a timely manner, we encourage you to use the proper mailing address as follows

Proper Name 
Brown University
Department Name, Box #  
Providence RI 02912

The zip code 02912 belongs exclusively to Brown University and should not be used with an off-campus address. Check with the U.S. Postal Service to get the proper zip code for any off-campus residence.

Fax Service

Mail Services provides a fax service available to the University community.  Our fax machine is located at our University Mail Services counter in Page-Robinson Hall.


  • Domestic: $0.50 per page
  • Foreign: $1.50 per page

Mail Services' cover page is required on all outgoing faxes.  The cover page cannot be used for the body of the message.

Fax number

(401) 863-3700

Recipient's name and mailbox number are required to receive a fax. Incoming faxes are logged in and then placed into the recipient's mailbox. Mail Services will not provide a notice of arrival.

Mail Services reserves the right to modify policies and procedures when deemed necessary and inspect campus mail for compliance to regulations.