Mail Services

Undergraduate Students

Mail policies specific to Brown undergraduate students.

Students are allowed to receive the following with the correct address format:  

  • U.S. Postal Service mail and campus mail
  • Packages only from these specified common carriers, DHL, FedEx, UPS and Amazon

Using your mailbox address to operate an enterprise of any kind, conduct business for a student organization, or to receive mail for anyone other than the assigned mailbox holder is prohibited.

Mail Collection

Incoming U.S. mail is generally sorted by noon, while campus mail, because it's received throughout the day, is a continuing process until closing.

Incoming packages are processed into two categories: recipient signature required and non-signature required. Email notifications are sent to students who receive signature required packages. Simply present yourself at our "University Mail Services" counter with your Brown ID to sign for and collect this type of package.

Items of critical importance (medications, etc.) should be sent using an expedited service (FedEx or UPS next day or 2 day) to guarantee prompt delivery to you. USPS Priority Mail is not the recommended delivery source for important items as they are included in the bulk delivery of USPS packages and may delay delivery to you depending on the package volume for that day.

**Please note that we do not accept same-day direct deliveries from outside vendors such as DoorDash, Roadie, Inc., Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. You should choose regular shipping with these vendors so that those deliveries will be shipped through the USPS, FedEx, UPS or Amazon Direct. 

Packages will be available for pick up for a maximum of 30 days after which the package will be 'returned to sender' and purged from our mail system. Perishable items must be picked up within 7 days or they will be discarded due to their delicate nature.

Hand trucks are available for use for students to transport large package/s from the mailroom to their dorms. All hand trucks must be signed out with a valid driver's license, credit card or other collateral and signed in when returned. Failure to immediately return a borrowed hand truck after use will result in a replacement charge against your student account.

Mail Services accepts perishable items through the USPS, FedEx and UPS (ie. flowers, food, fruit, etc.).

Deliveries of perishable items for students who live in the residence halls only (no deliveries accepted for students living off-campus) can be shipped to Mail Services. Mail Services also accepts deliveries from Edible Arrangements as well as local florists. Due to their perishable nature, these items must be picked up within 7 days or they will be discarded. Any food subscriptions must be picked up within 24 hours to avoid getting spoiled.  Unfortunately, no other local vendors are authorized to deliver perishable goods and cannot be accepted by Mail Services.  

Mail Forwarding

Mail Services provides mail forwarding for undergraduate students leaving campus.

  • Students should file for mail forwarding at the end of the semester if: you are taking a leave of absence, graduating, or leaving campus for the summer.
  • Students who complete their degree requirements in December can use their mailbox during second semester as long as mail is picked up at least once a week, no action is required. Otherwise December completes should file for mail forwarding when they leave campus at the end of the first semester. 
  • Students requiring temporary mail forwarding during the winter break will need to speak with the Mail Services' Supervisor to make arrangements. 

All address information to request mail forwarding is exclusively in BannerThe instructions for submitting a mail forwarding request are as follows:

  • Go to "My Personal Information" page in Banner.
  • Click on the Mail Forwarding tab.
  • Click on the term button (summer, one term leave, graduated, etc.). When choosing a term, your registered addresses should appear at the bottom of the page..
  • Choose the address you want to use for mail forwarding.
  • Submit.

If you want to forward your mail to an address not listed, click on the My Addresses tab to create a new address. Be sure that the dates on a new or temporary address coincide with the term dates chosen. Once that is complete, go back to the Mail Forwarding tab and begin again.     

Note: Mail Services will not forward your mail from your University mailbox to an off-campus address while classes are in session during the academic months.

  • All First Class U.S. mail and periodicals (paid subscriptions) can be forwarded within the United States
  • Only First Class US and foreign mail can be forwarded to a foreign country
  • DHL, FedEx, and UPS do not qualify for mail forwarding and will be returned to sender
  • All other mail material that does not qualify for either forwarding or returning to sender will be recycled

Note: Failure to arrange for mail forwarding will result in mail being returned to sender or recycled in accordance with U.S. Postal Service regulations.

Mail Assignment/Leave Information

All actively enrolled undergraduate students, living on or off campus, are required to maintain a mail assignment within University Mail Services. Students in inactive status (medical leave, personal leave, withdrawal, etc.) will lose their mail assignment and will receive a new assignment upon their return to campus and active status.