Mail Services

Using Campus Mail

Campus Mail is correspondence circulated within the University mail system without postage.

Campus mail is used to conduct daily business with specific individuals/departments or to reach a general University population to distribute information on University policies or events. All members of the University community have campus mail privileges, although there are some restrictions and requirements.

All campus mail material must originate from the department it represents. Mailings representing off-campus organizations must be authorized by the University Relations Office. Requirements for campus mail preparations will vary, depending on the intended mail recipient.

Mail in this category is generally processed by mailroom staff. When mailings contain more than 100 pieces, departments should organize the mail in order by box number and bundle ten or more pieces for the same box number with a rubber band.

Daily correspondence to undergraduate students will be processed by mailroom staff. Mailings of 50 pieces or more should be in order by box number. Interdepartmental envelopes should not be used; enclosures are not permitted. Mail prepared on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper should be folded in thirds; fold half-sheets of 8 ½ x 11 in half.

  • Mail Services does not accept general flyers or other mail/packages designated to all students.
  • Letter mail must be flat (no additional items - candy, buttons, etc.) and in a standard envelope with the student name and box number and must include a return address (department/organization name and box number).
  • Any other items must be in a minimum of a 9 x11 envelope (bigger envelope or box) and include the student name and box number and must include a return address (department/organization name and box number). This allows Mail Services to properly scan the items into the mail system and treat them like a package and prevents the high-density system from being overstuffed.
  • All mail (letter, large envelope, boxes) will be scanned and processed into the mail system and the student will receive an email stating they have mail or a package. Please know students will not be happy to get an email saying something has arrived for them if it turns out to be "junk" mail.

A full address, which includes an individual and/or department name and box number, should be used. A return address should be used on all non-interdepartmental envelopes. All flaps must be sealed or tucked inside envelopes. Mail to undergraduate students should not be sent in interdepartmental envelopes.

Interoffice envelopes are available to order in small quantity as supplies last. Both #10 interoffice envelopes and large 10x13 manila interoffice envelopes are free of charge when an Interoffice Envelope Form is submitted.

Delivery date is not guaranteed. All first class and direct delivery mail (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Amazon) have first priority. At the busiest times of the year, delivery could take several days.

Mail or packages not picked up within 30 days is returned to the sender.